White pine design and styling course.

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In this course, teacher Naoki Maeoka offers us some master classes in which he explains step by step how to make the designs and modeling of the branches in a Japanese white pine.

His clean and impeccable style of work are known worldwide. In this course he reveals to us, in great detail, all the secrets of his work and how to achieve those finishes of such high perfection,

A unique course of its kind, with detailed explanations, with diagrams, examples and explanations.

The course we were all waiting for.

115 minutes of essential information to create bonsai of the highest quality.

The course is made up of 6 stages.

  • Chapter 1 ; Selection of needles and branches, choice of the front.
  • Chapter 2; Selection criteria for shoots and branches to create volumes.
  • Chapter 3 – Efficient wiring, Precise placement involves precision wiring
  • Chapter 4; Functional wiring. Step by step.
  • Chapter 5; Combining volumes and spaces.
  • Chapter 6; The secret of how to fill the volumes, a real master class. Perfect volumes.

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