Points and badges

The World Bonsai University intends to encourage the academic development of its students by implementing a system of badges and points that will allow them to support themselves to continue their academic training.

Standard badges are awarded upon successful completion of any platform course. These badges can be viewed in the “My Achievements” section of your academic profile.

Obtaining a badge will also allow you to accumulate points (WBU POINTS) which can then be used as a discount to be able to acquire new courses on the platform, whether they are those necessary to reach the training levels or, failing that, also the extra offer of courses that found on the WBU site.

The point system works as follows:

  • Earning a golden badge awards 1000 WBU POINTS
  • Earning a silver badge awards 200 WBU POINTS
  • Earning a bronze badge awards 100 WBU POINTS
  • Earning a red badge awards 50 WBU POINTS

100 WBU POINTS are equivalent to 1 euro discount on the platform. Up to a maximum of 500 WBU POINTS may be used on each subsequent order you place. WBU POINTS are applied in the “Checkout” section of the website, when paying for your order.

Additionally, there are two additional badges to motivate the participation and academic performance of students on the platform.

The “Perfect Score” badge is awarded when the student completes any of the courses that have academic evaluations with a score of 100%. Each course completed with this percentage will earn you an additional 100 WBU POINTS in your account.
The “Comment” badge is awarded when the student leaves a review in any of the courses taken. Each review will earn you an additional 10 WBU POINTS in your account.

The total of your accumulated WBU POINTS can be viewed on the “my awards” page of your academic profile.

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