HASHO, the spirit of bonsai.

The great Japanese masters have developed a whole terminology that determines many of the aspects that make up the spirit of a bonsai. Its essence, its naturalness, its expression, its balance, etc … Some of these terms are difficult to understand in the West as they are closely related to its culture. But there are …

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Design course, weeping style.

The weeping style in bonsai is not very widespread in the West, although it is becoming more and more frequent. It is associated with species that are already natural, when the truth is that this style responds to conditions that can affect many species. We are going to deepen the hand of master Robert Steven …

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Design course, windswept style.

The Windswept or Fukinagashi style is one of the most extreme and dramatic styles of bonsai. This makes it extremely attractive, but at the same time it contains great difficulty in designing it in a way that gives it quality and credibility. In the West, work has been done in a “westernized” way, very different …

Design course, windswept style. Read More »

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