Terms & Conditions

1.General sale conditions:

World Bonsai University is a technological platform that provides education services in the art of bonsai under the highest worldwide teaching standards. World Bonsai University and clients, called students, establish a business relationship
through their web platform www.worldbonsaiuniversity.com. Clients, when accepting the “General Sale Conditions” during the process of acquiring a teaching service, called course on a bonsai topic available on the World Bonsai University platform; are understanding and accepting all the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

2. Payment methods:
World Bonsai University offers 2 payment forms to the client:
1. Credit cards
2. Paypal
In both cases, World Bonsai University is not responsible for problems that may arise with both the bank and the Paypal platform. That is why each user must solve any incident with the 2 entities mentioned if any inconvenience occurs in the transaction.

Any transaction carried out successfully and approved on the teaching platform is established as correctly requested. World Bonsai University is not responsible for refunding payments that were correctly entered into the platform, unless fraudulent use of data is demonstrated, for which the claim must be submitted to the payment platform and made known to the authorities, having to present to WBU the complaint made before the competent body in each country.

Deadlines to approve a course qualification may take 24 to 72 hours. After which, the client will receive a confirmation email stablishing the purchased course is activated on the platform.

3. Details to be considered on the platform:

All prices in the World Bonsai University are in Euros and include IVA.

The student must register only 2 technological devices, they can be desktop PC, laptop, Tablet or cell phone, where they can view their courses. If the student does not register such devices, courses will not be able to be seen. This is a security measure that prevents users from sharing usernames and passwords improperly, harming World Bonsai University and the course
Videos and PDFs acquired by the students for their learning in bonsai are for the exclusive use of World Bonsai University and are protected by Copyright. Sharing a video or PDF with a third party is a copyright violation. If such violation is detected by our control tools, the student will be automatically blocked from any access, without the right to be refunded the value of the course and / or claim in this regard. Likewise, relevant authorities will be notified to restore the status and request the economic compensation to which WBU is entitled according to current laws.

The access time to a purchased course is unlimited, but each unit can only be viewed a maximum of 10 times, both course and PDF.

4. Reimbursement policy:

World Bonsai University will only access student financial reimbursement for the value of the acquired course, if the acquired class shows problems regarding its visualization or content and correction has not been possible, provided cause is responsibility of the platform. Whenever the cause is external, each case will be studied in a customized way.

5. Customer service policy:

The client has the email soporte@worldbonsaiuniversity.com at disposal in order to request any support information or help regarding purchase and / or operation of the acquired course. Attention of World Bonsai University technical staff will take place as soon as possible, not occurring in more than 72 hours after receiving communication from the client.

6. Promotions:

Application of promotions on the services offered by World Bonsai University will be duly informed in different web spaces, social networks, among other means of communication and information.
All information received to email accounts of students and / or clients with information and news from World Bonsai University are expressly sent with their authorization, under the acceptance of terms stablished in the Law of Personal Data
Protection. The student and / or client can request to be excluded from receiving reports and news in their email account. For the purposes of the aforementioned, an email should be sent to soporte@worldbonsaiuniversity.com requesting the cancellation of reports and news mailing.

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