Know more about the staff of instructorsin charge of your formation

Luis Vila

25 years of experience. I have created schools throughout Spain and Europe, in which I teach classes with a study methodology, theoretical and interactive classes that complement the practice of bonsai.

Naoki Maeoka

A graduate of the Osaka University of Art, he has held workshops and demonstrations in more than ten different countries. He makes his own bonsai pottery and has his own nursery.

Robert Steven

I started Bonsai in late 1979 or early 1980. At that time I was just working according to my own imagination and taste instead of following textbook styles.

Morten Albek

Morten Albek is a world-renowned bonsai artist with numerous awards to his credit. He is a shohin specialist and the author of several books on bonsai techniques.

Mauro Stemberger

Important European bonsai master. Linked to the world of bonsai since 1992, he writes articles for magazines and performs demonstrations and workshops worldwide.

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