The secrets of junipers part 3

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Alberto Baleato has many years of experience in which he has worked thousands of junipers. His experience and his reputation for taking care of the product are a guarantee of quality.

Alberto is going to show throughout a Masterclass series everything you to know about them.

It is very common to find specimens that have the green far away. As we have seen in course two, the first step is to modify the structure to compact the plant, but later we will need to increase the amount of branching and the density of the foliage.

In this Masterclass we deal with precisely that. How to carry out this densification correctly without the plant suffering or weakening. Pruning, clearing, pinching, the entire process explained step by step.

In this Masterclass Alberto faces the next step to structural compaction and first steps of modeling, that is the compaction of green. Carrying out this step correctly is essential to start the refining and design process with guarantees of obtaining a good quality bonsai.

Instructor: Alberto Baleato (

Language: Spanish (With english subtitles)

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