The secrets of junipers part 1

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Alberto Baleato has many years of experience in which he has worked thousands of junipers. His experience and his reputation for taking care of the product are a guarantee of quality.

Alberto is going to show throughout a Masterclass series everything you to know about them.

The proper preparation of your bonsai to face subsequent work is essential. This will make you progress faster and better, you won’t have to take steps back or start over.

Proper cleaning is essential, for aesthetics, but also to preserve good health.

Debarking will require a lot of time, but in this Masterclass you will learn how to do it using little time.

You will also find basic instructions so that you can sandblast your bonsai and even very interesting instructions to build your own sandblasting machine for very little money.

Finally you will see in detail how to correctly define the live vein, this is a priority to highlight the character of the plant and to create a feeling of doing a quality job.

Instructor: Alberto Baleato (

Language: Spanish (With english subtitles)

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