How to Create High Quality Nebaris. Complete course

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The nebaris are without a doubt the greatest attraction of a deciduous bonsai, when it is of quality. We all admire those Japanese acers with the perfectly formed nebari. We have always believed that achieving this was only within the reach of the great Japanese masters, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Spain, Jose Luis Pitarch has developed his own method over 20 years of experimentation. A path that has led him to create the most perfect nebaris seen outside of Japan, and whose work is supported by the results, his works are known and we will see them in this course. His method, THE PITARCH METHOD, that today makes it available to everyone, simple and easy to understand, this course details down to the smallest detail how to create these nebaris in a very short time. We will see how in just three years we can get spectacular specimens that before we could only buy in specialized stores.

This course will take us through the entire nebari training process until it is completely completed, from start to finish and in various species.

The creation of this course has involved 2 years of intense work. To be able to see the corresponding processes at each station. An impeccable programming and a result beyond any discussion.

Complete course to create quality nebaris and trunks, in deciduous and broad-leaf evergreens. (Pitarch Technique)


21 videos, more than 550 minutes of online formation plus 2 extra classes answering students questions.

Language Spanish with english subtitles.

    1. Chapter 1. How to make cuttings for bonsai, single, double, triple.
    2. Chapter 2. My experience with hormones. Use them or not.
    3. Chapter 3. How to grow quality prebonsai.
    4. Chapter 4. Pruning sacrificial branches to form quality trunks.
    5. Chapter 5. How to fertilize, plus two tricks to never overdo it with chemical fertilizer.
    6. Chapter 6. Colanders versus large culture boxes experiment.
    7. Chapter 7. Necessary materials.
    8. Chapter 8. First root and trunk work at three months of age.
    9. Chapter 9. Treatment of roots and trunk at 12 months of age.
    10. Chapter 10. There are also failures, which never appear on the internet.
    11. Chapter 11. Nebaris and log work in the process of formation 2 years.
    12. Chapter 11 2nd part. Alnus and chaenomeles.
    13. Chapter 11 3rd part Maples palmatum and beurgerianum.
    14. Chapter 12. Pruning tender shoots.
    15. Chapter 13. Cultivation without working the nebari, repair.
    16. Chapter 14. Nebaris and finished logs.
    17. Chapter 15. Why “Pitarch Technique”.
    18. Chapter 16. How to improve the nebari of a tree that was worked with the wooden board but was planted in the ground for several years.
    19. Chapter 17. Maintenance of the nebari.
    20. Chapter 18. How to improve the nebari of a bonsai that is already very advanced without having first worked on the nebari.
    21. Chapter 19. And the conifers? Yes, here are the great forgotten ones!

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