The secrets of junipers part 5

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Alberto Baleato has many years of experience in which he has worked thousands of junipers. His experience and his reputation for taking care of the product are a guarantee of quality.

Alberto is going to show throughout a Masterclass series everything you to know about them.

When creating a bonsai on many occasions, we have dead wood that we do not know how to use, sometimes we simply eliminate it, and on other occasions we prefer to leave it for its quality, but it is not located in the place that we would like.

That is where we need a technique that allows us to modify these woods and reinforce the appearance of old age, or emphasize a direction, or create a new focal point, or a vanishing point, or a visual counterweight, etc. Wood always represents an extremely attractive point of interest in a Bonsai and that is why managing to manipulate it to improve our tree. It is one of the best options to take advantage of every inch of wood to our benefit.

This is one of the many secrets that constitute a fundamental pillar when it comes to creating and improving junipers, junipers, or conifers in general, and in this Masterclass Alberto is going to show us how to bend and shape these woods at will, in this case on a Sabina, but we can also use this technique in any other species.

On many occasions, we have seen these works carried out with results that are not always of the expected quality, either marks remain that make the wood ugly due to the use of the tool or fire, or the curves that are achieved are not very natural. With this technique, not only will there be no marks on our wood, but also the appearance will be natural without strange breaks or unsightly curves.

Instructor: Alberto Baleato (

Language: Spanish (With english subtitles)

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