Luis Vila

My way of going through bonsai for more than 25 years has always been marked by the incessant search for quality. For this, from the beginning I turned to the best teachers, those who were closest to my way of seeing bonsai, Marco Invernizzi, Takeo Kawabe, Imai Chiharu, among others, were the ones who helped me find my way with their teachings.

Currently I continue to study bonsai from the most current perspective and work hand in hand with Naoki Maeoka, whose school I administer in Spain.

I have created schools throughout Spain and Europe, in which I teach classes with a study methodology, theoretical and interactive classes that complement the practice of bonsai.

I also regularly travel around America and Europe participating in events, conferences and demonstrations, in which I try to show my way of doing and understanding Bonsai.

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The defoliated. When and for what?

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