The secrets of junipers part 6

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Alberto Baleato has many years of experience in which he has worked thousands of junipers. His experience and his reputation for taking care of the product are a guarantee of quality.

Alberto is going to show throughout a Masterclass series everything you to know about them.

What is happening in our juniper? Why doesn’t it look good? Juniper leaves can vary drastically from one bonsai to another, even within the same species. These changes have a reason and also a reading that tells us a lot of information about the state of the tree.

The reading that we make of the foliage will help us to know what work we must carry out, what deficiencies the plant has, what problems there may be with the crop, or if there are diseases. That is why this reading is essential to understand what is happening to our Bonsai when something is wrong. Alberto has a great accumulated experience of working with thousands of juniper bonsai. And now he makes this information available to us so that we know how to interpret all the signs, easily, clearly, and helping us to correct the problems that we can detect.

Instructor: Alberto Baleato (

Language: Spanish (With english subtitles)

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