Shimpaku itoigawa, design & radical repotting.

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Shimpaku is one of the most desired species for bonsai. If you master the techniques of this species correctly, you can make exceptional bonsai even from modest material.

And to learn about Itoigawa no one better than Naoki Maeoka. Their designs have captivated us by their impressive perfection and by their healthy appearance.

In this outstanding Masterclass, Master Naoki will take us through the work of a juniperus itoigawa yamadori.

The cleaning of the bark, the care of the wood, the rinsing and selection of leaves. Works that improve the appearance of your bonsai and reinforce its character.

The selection of shoots, how to do it to achieve a good design.

The modeling, to achieve those well-defined volumes, which we all know from his work.

The transplant, that delicate moment, which usually raises doubts about how much you can speed up your plant. Too much is bad, too little. here you will see how to do it. But in this Masterclass the teacher goes one step further. With a drastic angle change that will put the plant to the limit and where to do the right work is the difference between the plant surviving or not. Master Naoki shows us how to do it correctly, the intensity, the way to do it, the precautions you should take, the soil and the most suitable mixture and ….. some tricks that will help you to be more successful in your transplantation, with techniques that he uses in Japan and that are rarely seen abroad.

Course format: Video

Language: English, with Spanish subtitles.

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