HASHO, the spirit of bonsai.

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The great Japanese masters have developed a whole terminology that determines many of the aspects that make up the spirit of a bonsai. Its essence, its naturalness, its expression, its balance, etc … Some of these terms are difficult to understand in the West as they are closely related to its culture.

But there are other, even more important points that they also take into account and that are more understandable. They are so important that they directly determine the value of a bonsai in an indisputable way. For a long time they have been part of the secrets of Japanese professionals, that is why they are hardly known in the West.

When acquiring or forming a bonsai, we cannot focus on those details that we do not know or do not believe are relevant, so knowing them will make a difference when it comes to raising the quality of our collection.

Knowing these quality elements is essential if we want to create bonsai of the highest quality. Why two similar bonsai can one have double or triple the value of the other? In this incredible Masterclass Naoki Maeoka tells us in detail what are those differences that we often do not perceive, but that are the difference between a normal bonsai and an extraordinary one.

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