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Know what the World Bonsai University is, its values, statutes and founders.

World Bonsai University is a non-profit academic institution that trains innovative and creative bonsai professionals; recognized for their merits, skills and commitment to the art of bonsai. Its achievements are based on rigorous quality processes in methodology and teaching, in the development and promotion of research on various topics related to bonsai, as well as in the practice of art innovation through creativity, experimentation and artistic creation in the world of bonsai and associated disciplines


To be an international benchmark for its academic quality, for the impact of its research and for its contribution to the development of the art of bonsai


⦁ Freedom of thought and respect for diversity.

⦁ Honesty and dedication to service.

⦁ Commitment to quality and innovation.

⦁ Loyalty and sense of belonging.


Luis Vila


My way of going through bonsai for more than 25 years has always been marked by the incessant search for quality. For this, from the beginning I turned to the best teachers, those who were closest to my way of seeing bonsai, Marco Invernizzi, Takeo Kawabe, Imai Chiharu, among others, were the ones who helped me find my way with their teachings.

Currently I continue to study bonsai from the most current perspective and work hand in hand with Naoki Maeoka, whose school I manage in Spain.

I have created schools throughout Spain and Europe, in which I teach classes with a study methodology, theoretical and interactive classes that complement the practice of bonsai.

I also regularly travel around America and Europe participating in events, conferences and demonstrations, in which I try to show my way of doing and understanding Bonsai.

Currently at the World Bonsai University I am in search of constant improvement and the implementation of new tools and ideas for the development of quality training in the teaching of bonsai worldwide.

Henry Chávez


Engineer by profession, with more than 25 years in bonsai. He owns several hectares south of Lima Peru dedicated to the cultivation of more than 1,500 prebonsai and bonsais. He is a specialist in the cultivation of conifers, especially junipers and pines. He is the author of various sections and articles on bonsai in various newspapers and magazines. Organizer of international Bonsai events in Peru. Creator and Founder of the most important online bonsai teaching platform worldwide, World Bonsai University. Founder and member of the board of the Peruvian Bonsai Federation. Founder of one of the most influential social media bonsai communities in Latin America, Iberoamerican Bonsai Group. His way of working in bonsai is always thinking at least five years ahead, but very often 10 or 20 years. He refuses works that are only done to obtain an apparent immediate result, and that the only thing they intend is to deceive our eyes, but not the soul. He always works with his heart, his hands being the link of his feelings in his various bonsai projects. He loves the bunjin bonsai philosophy as they clearly represent all stages of his life. He practices the bonsai culture in his personal and professional life, which makes him a person who lives 24 hours doing, thinking and acting according to the bonsai culture.

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